6 comments on “Interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corp (Radio)

  1. Nalini says:

    Great interview on “canadian radio”. So many insight packed into 15 minutes! One small correction –Canadian radio sounds generic. Your interview aired on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Similar to BBC, it is the nation’s public broadcast radio. Look forward to the book.

  2. salil61 says:

    Thank you, Nalini. You are right; calling it “Canadian Radio” was short-hand, and I should have said CBC. If you mean the book on free speech and Hindu nationalism, it was published in 2009 and is available through the University of Chicago Press or Amazon and other booksellers. Thanks again for your interest and writing.



    • Nalini says:

      Thanks — will get my hands on it. And thanks for taking into account sensitivities (it is not easy to sleep beside an elephant, i.e., the USA)

  3. Ek Chakkar says:

    Shameless pandering to agenda of global Marxists. You use ‘Hindus’ as scapegoats, yet you failed to mention even ONCE in entire interview that Congress rule for decades did not remove law that allows for challenge to books like “The Hindus”. One must wonder why you did not mention that, because you have good way of presenting information that appears to have much deliberation behind it. Was it conscious choice to exclude this very important fact? It would seem that if you talked at length and critical depth about leftist Congress compromises on censorship politics, you would be caught in net of people who tacitly supported such compromises

    Ideas have consequences when believers of those ideas rule country for decades. Leftist agenda in India has left plenty of verifiable evidence of its own moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy, so one can comfortably conclude that ideological basis of its power was largely shallow, deceitful and subservient to its European keepers.

    Also, did you read said book? It is full of errors that are presented as fact. Book is published by scholar as work of non-fiction. Book filled with known errors cannot be allowed to be sold as non-fiction. Did you, at any time, criticise Doniger for shoddy academic standards?

    The logic on which your presented ideas rest will not stand serious scrutiny but it will surely earn interviews at likes of CBC.

    • salil61 says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If you had cared to identify yourself and not hidden behind anonymity, I’d have taken your thoughts more seriously and responded. Have a nice day.

      • ek chakkar says:

        “If you had cared to identify yourself and not hidden behind anonymity, I’d have taken your thoughts more seriously and responded.”

        This is what I perceive as comment of an elitist. Rather than address points raised and keep discussion at level of ideas, you chose to respond by making it personal. That is your choice and, imho, very disappointing from public intellectual.

        Take ideas I have presented and ask an opponent you respect to repeat them. Have discussion with this person and you will see why you should have taken said ideas from anonymous poster more seriously. If power is in hands of elitist attitudes like that demonstrated by you, I see little hope for marked social progress in India.

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